Xu Huaiwen was a guest last night on the most famous sport TV show in Germany. And the shuttler was quite comfortable on TV - quite relaxed, as she is on court.

Sven Heise, Badzine Correspondent in Germany.
(archives)Just a few minutes before midnight, Xu Huaiwen entered the TV studio through the dense fog produced by a fog machine. Germany's best female player was a guest on the famous "aktuelle sportstudio". In the late night talk with host Wolf-Dieter Poschmann and Kathrin Boron, the winner of four rowing gold medals from 1992 to 2004, Huaiwen answered quick-wittedly in perfect German.

Dressed in a smart black suit and with long black hair, the European champion showed her great sense of humour. Asked for the difference between her birth town Guiyang with 10 million habitants and her new home Saarbrücken, she told Poschmann "I have more quiet now." She also astonishing the TV presenter by saying that she is not a frequent guest in Chinese restaurants. For the Olympic Games, Huaiwen is optimistic: "There are three Chinese players participating but playing in their home country puts a lot of pressure on them and two of them have never played at the Olympics before." As Wolf-Dieter Poschmann finally gave fortune cookies to the two ladies, Huaiwen was very surprised: "I've never seen such cookies in China." At the end of the show, the world class athletes tried their luck on the shoot-out challenge against the candidate from the audience. With the football, Huaiwen was not as successful as with the shuttle. But in her third try, she hit at least the wall and all in all, she was lucky to have made a grand entrance in Germany's most famous sports show. "It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun during this show," said Xu to Badzine. "At the beginning, I was a little nervous as I was afraid that they might critizise China, with lots of political questions, but once I got onstage, I talked with people and forgot about the nervousness," she said.